FAST FIVE: Tunneling Under The Media's Berlin Wall Of Truth Suppression

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They were not just the “enemy of the people,” as Trump has labeled the worst of the modern media; they were the “enemy of the truth.” That role has never been clearer than it was last week when Bob Woodward, the legacy commander of the media's Main Directorate for Reconnaissance, issued his report on what he found when he infiltrated the White House.

Does Woodward think that Trump shut down air travel from China at the end of January just because he wanted to hurt the tourist industry.

How could the country survive another four years with a president who insists on doing things his own way, who won't be cowed by the Stasi media, who considers it his duty to improve on conventional wisdom instead of surrendering to it.

And when Trump acted on Rufo's entreaty regarding critical race theory, it led to near hysteria as the Stasi media realized that its Berlin Wall had been breached.

The Trump administration doesn't want it inside federal agencies – even though 2020 is being defined in part by this long overdue reckoning about race.

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