FAST FIVE: Did Joe Biden Just Promise Fewer Fires, Floods, & Hurricanes If He Wins In November?

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Tune in as I discuss the wildfires up and down the West Coast – and how I'll tackle the climate crisis head-on and create millions of good-paying jobs: – Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) September 14, 2020 The truth about California's wildfires Joe Biden's argument boils down to the idea that burning fossil fuels is the key cause behind all worsening of extreme weather events, other contributing factors be damned.

As Ars Technica's Scott Johnson reported, a Stanford research team found that about 20 percent of California – 20 million acres – would benefit from controlled burns.

He noted that forest fires are “starting again in California.

Poor forest management, not climate change, is the true culprit.

The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 was the most destructive river flood in US history, and it came only a few decades after the invention of the automobile.

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