FAST FIVE: Bank Of America: Silver Could Hit $50 "In The Near Term"

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The current macro-economic backdrop is also bullish for the precious metals, with gold benefiting from record low real rates, at the same time as central banks are backstopping fiscal spending.

Yet, with silver more exposed to industrial demand, these purchases did not matter during the lockdowns, with the gold:silver ratio peaking at 124, and still a ways away from its long-term average of 59x.

Over the last fifteen years, US emissions have fallen more than 15%.  Yet the drop has been attributable in part to a decline in industrial activity and coal plant retirements that were quickly replaced by combined cycle natural gas plants.

Biden's climate plan also targets zero emissions from the power sector by 2035, which would require an overhaul of the industry.

First, increased end consumer efficiency, which would help cap or reduce power demand over time.

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