FAST FIVE: Teens Trash Trump For Destroying TikTok "Safe Space" As 'Influencers' Migrate To Instagram

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Teens Trash Trump For Destroying TikTok “Safe Space” As 'Influencers' Migrate To Instagram Tyler Durden Tue, 08/04/2020 – 15:55 Across the US, millions of 'Generation Z' believe that evil ol' Donald Trump is about to take away their favorite new toy – TikTok – after a brave cadre of courageous young people took to their keyboards and sabotaged his big campaign comeback event.

One such user described TikTok as “fundamentally an escape for a generation right now in isolation, especially, that needs it.” Late last week, the president said he planned to shut down Facebook's most formidable challenger: Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok.

– and sent many popular TikTokers racing to move their creative endeavors to Instagram, the rival mobile app owned by Facebook.  But shifting to Instagram is an unsatisfying solution, said Max Beaumont, who built a following on TikTok documenting his journey of self-improvement with videos about diet and skin care.

“Just because you can have a massive following on something like TikTok doesn't necessarily translate over to YouTube or to Instagram or to some of these others.” Another source, 25-year-old Brooklynnn Shrum, from Nashville, Tennessee, claims the app was a “safe and welcoming place for people in the LGBTQ community” (the implication is, Twitter, Facebook and other US-based social media platforms aren't).

He said that a TikTok ban would be particularly devastating right now.

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