FAST FIVE: Unheard Stories Of Economic Despair From America's Worst Economic Downturn Since The Great Depression

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With no health insurance and no paychecks coming in, Darnell and his wife have gotten to the point where they have to make a choice between buying insulin or buying groceries- He can't afford health insurance, which has added to his anxiety because he and his wife are both diabetic, he says.

“I'm willing to make less money and start working again to get health insurance, but no one is hiring.” The weekly $600 unemployment supplements from the federal government had helped to keep them going for a while, but now those payments have ended, and the immediate future is looking quite bleak.

But she's worried about losing their home after she says she received an eviction notice in June.

I don't sleep.” The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the restaurant industry particularly hard.  Americans are not eating out as regularly as they once did because of the virus, and it is probably going to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Restaurants have already shed millions of jobs this year, economic data show.

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