FAST FIVE: South Georgia Prison Riot Erupts Amid COVID-19 Flareup

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The Department of Corrections of the state gave a statement to the AJC.

“Two staff members received minor, non life-threatening injuries,” the Georgia Department of Corrections said in a statement Sunday morning.

Officers deployed non-lethal ammunition, and the incident was brought under control.” Three inmates received non life-threatening injuries during the incident,” according to the statement.

Two weeks ago, a Ware State inmate was killed during a fight with another inmate, authorities said.

Ware Prison Riot Waycross Georgia Violent riot reported at South Georgia prison @YouTube – fabriq (@LISTEN_NEW_YORK) August 2, 2020 Prison riots have erupted around the world, from South America to Italy to China, as wardens crack down on discipline amid the outbreak.

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