FAST FIVE: What Happens To Outdoor Dining In Fall And Winter?

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What Happens To Outdoor Dining In Fall And Winter.

The restaurant will introduce its fall-focused offerings a bit earlier than normal, in case guests want to warm up with slow-cooked meats and braises or even warm cocktails.

“We want to make sure the dish shows well and is appropriate for the environment.” Servino is also working on ways to communicate with guests about whether they'd prefer a leisurely dining experience or would rather get in-and-out-especially as the weather turns.

Paul, known for especially brutal winters, multi-concept operator Brent Frederick of Jester Concepts is instead trying to make his indoor dining room as safe as possible since patios sound like an unsustainable revenue stream as the temperature drops.

His team is currently working  on the best way to communicate the existence of the air-cleaning system to customers (and potential customers), he said.

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