FAST FIVE: The Great COVID-Con: Exposing Journalistic Malpractice

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The July 5th figure represented a 90 percent drop from the peak which occurred April 21st.

The sharp decrease in COVID deaths was obviously a most welcome development.

Having begun with libertarian and conservative leanings, Drudge Report has gone to the other side and became in many ways the mouthpiece for the left-leaning media.

Atlanta Mayor infected- Governors stress 'personal responsibility'- President's Support Withering in Hotspots- Testing Employees More Trouble Than Worth- When illness robs sense of smell- Kids suffer mysterious brain damage-  GALLUP: TRUMP APPROVAL 38% Once again, there is no mention of the great improvement on the COVID front.

The prolonged doom-mongering and shutdowns have also inflicted psychological damage as people suffer from the loss of employment, interruption of schooling and disruption of everyday activities, routines and interactions.

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