FAST FIVE: Syrian Army Uncovers Organ Trading Hub Of Turkish-Backed Militants In Southern Idlib

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According to pro-militant sources, on the evening of July 29th and morning of July 30th, the Syrian Army launched over 500 shells at militants' positions in the Zawiya Mount area, including Kansafra, al-Bara, Kafar Aweed, Fatterah and Erinah.

Pro-government sources say that the inability of Ankara to secure another joint patrol in southern Idlib is a signal that the militants are preparing for offensive actions there.

The town was liberated by the Syrian Army and its allies in January 2020.

Both officers were shot dead on the spot.

Two members of the US-backed Revolutionary Commando Army militant group based in al-Tanf were detained by the Syrian Army near the US-controlled zone.

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