FAST FIVE: Memo From Insiders: Dear Bagholders, Thanks For Buying Our Shares At The Top

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The only way to get top-dollar for one's overvalued shares is to play distribution games: sell a little each day on the upticks, and buy back shares when they threaten to drop below the key support levels followed by trading algos.

Now that most of the free-money programs are expiring, there's no more stimulus to spend.

to get the work done or the complex operational skills required to manage these large, complicated projects.

Also overlooked is the fact that most of these companies and workers are already busy, and it takes years to train new workers with the requisite skills.

So what's left to support the can't-lose rally? The promise of trillions of dollars more given directly to households and enterprises and local governments, at a run-rate of a trillion a month.

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