FAST FIVE: "Individuals With A Cervix" – Women Reduced To Body-Parts Under Transgender Orthodoxy

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Suddenly, women are being reduced to body parts, commodified, based on the strange contortions of recognizing men with body dysmorphia as actual women, and vice versa.

To accomodate this small group of people, women are being reduced to spare parts.

The very word 'woman' now has to be broken down into body part functions when in fact, all the characteristics that amount to being a woman or being a man are entirely integral to one's personhood.

After that, they could also be stolen, or expropriated.

The early feminist movement put a lot of steam into demanding that women not be commodified, reduced to body parts – and now it's all going that direction now.  This can get very grotesque, very Orwellian.

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