FAST FIVE: Amazon, Jeff Bezos, And The Influential Washington Post

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Jeff Bezos, the epitome of a person who rises to the top in unregulated capitalist systems where money rewards people who are comfortable with exploiting and harming others should not be wielding such power.

The fact is, when you couple the voice of the Washington Post with Amazon, a company so deeply involved with discovering and archiving detailed files and information about individuals and politicians across America you command far too much muscle and clout.

Influencers such as WaPo by effectively undermining President Trump are much more dangerous at altering the results of the election than countries like Russia or China.

it can be taken as proof of the power the Post wields.

This includes kicking WikiLeaks off Amazon servers in 2010 and dovetails in a creepy way with Amazon's involvement in surveillance systems and digital “assistance” devices like Alexa.

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