FAST FIVE: Dr. Fauci Warns Mutations Could Make COVID-19 More Infectious

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Fauci repeated his reassurances that the US could have a working coronavirus vaccine by January, the doctor warned during an interview on Thursday that an unforeseeable mutation could create serious problems for humanity, such as by making the virus even more infectious.

Fauci warned the US may see as many as 100k new COVID-19 cases a day if drastic actions weren't taken.

“It does look like a particular mutation may make the virus more transmissible,” Fauci said.

During a COVID-19 Q&A with JAMA Network, Fauci added not all scientists are in agreement over the development.

But when the economy tanks because we don't have a vaccine by New Year's Eve, will critics cite these comments as evidence that Fauci has been peddling false hope.

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