FAST FIVE: British Court Refuses To Release Venezuelan Gold To Maduro

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He's still there, and still claiming to be the legitimate ruler of Venezuela, but instead of looking like a credible alternative to Maduro, he's sounding more like a deranged street preacher proclaiming that he is the one true messiah.

Instead, the court ruled that it could only release the gold to the legitimate government of Venezuela.

“Whatever the basis for the recognition, Her Majesty's government has unequivocally recognised Guaidó as president of Venezuela.

It necessarily follows that Her Majesty's government no longer recognises Maduro as president of Venezuela – There is no room for recognition of Mr Guaidó as de jure president and of Maduro as de facto president.” Sarosh Zaiwalla, senior partner at Zaiwalla & Co, representing the Banco Central de Venezuela, said his clients would appeal and challenged the court judgement for “entirely ignoring the reality of the situation on the ground”.

The decision also puts the kibosh on a Venezuelan plan whereby proceeds from the gold could be handed to the UN allowing it to intermediate the purchases of critical COVID-19 supplies for Venezuela.

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