FAST FIVE: California Gov Orders LA Restaurants To Close For 3 Weeks As State Sees Latest Daily COVID-19 Record: Live Updates

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The new closures will bring its total closures in the US in recent weeks to 77.

The state's last record total, nearly 9k cases in a day, was reported 2 days ago on June 29.

Nearly 5,000 people are hospitalized in Arizona, though the rate by which this number has been increasing appears to be slowing, cases have been on the rise for weeks without a break, as the chart below (from the state's website) shows.

* * * Update (0955ET): Cementing a pattern that we've seen repeatedly since the great race for a mass-produced COVID-19 vaccine began (with the US government selecting several trials to aid directly via its “operation warp speed” program), every time an extremely preliminary headline prompts a rally in stocks, another headline from a scientist expressing caution arrives a few minutes later to push stocks back down.

Perhaps the biggest news overnight is a report that Australia's Victoria State will lock down 300,000 people in the suburbs of Melbourne in the 1-month lockdown that was reported earlier this week.

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