FAST FIVE: WaPo Does Damage Control After "Far More Damaging" Biden-Ukraine Tapes Disclosed

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To review, Biden conditioned a $1 billion US loan guarantee on the firing of Ukraine's chief prosecutor, who was leading a wide-ranging investigation into Burisma – a Ukrainian energy company which hired Hunter Biden to sit on its board.

In one of the May tapes, Poroshenko reports back with “positive news” that Shokin – “despite of the fact that we didn't have any corruption charges” – had been fired.

Both Giuliani and Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian-American businessman who served as his fixer in Ukraine, confirmed that they sought tapes of Biden last year.

Giuliani said he received assistance in his pursuit from a source within the State Department, who he claimed pointed him to the dates of certain conversations between Biden and Poroshenko by accessing an official US government archive.

Democratic emails stolen by Russian intelligence officers were ultimately released through WikiLeaks, as special counsel Robert S.

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