FAST FIVE: The Real Pandemic Was A Nursing Home Problem

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The Real Pandemic Was A Nursing Home Problem Tyler Durden Tue, 06/30/2020 – 18:05 Authored by Peter Earle via The American Institute for Economic Research, Over the last week, many governors have reinstituted coronavirus policy implementations which had been in various phases of cessation.

This is despite the fact that current US deaths from COVID-19 are now 90% off their peak.  Washington State is considering criminalizing the refusal to wear a mask.

New York State governor Andrew Cuomo has imposed new out-of-state visitor bans (with the comment that “in addition to law enforcement, [he] – expect[s] individuals such as hotel clerks – to question travelers from select states”).

Equally unnoticed is that the apparently much wider spread of COVID-19 infections, many of which show middling symptoms or are treated as annoyances, should result in a decrease of concern: it appears that many times the number of people estimated early on have been infected by the novel coronavirus to little or no consequence.  And further still, that some of the spike is accountable to the civil unrest in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

So far, it has lost 2% of its 103,000 nursing home residents.

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