FAST FIVE: New HK Law Includes Penalties Of Life In Prison & 'Closed' Trials To Protect "State Secrets"

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Axios points out in its initial review of the text: It includes sweeping definitions of crimes and penalties that gives the government broad power to limit people's political freedom, while explicitly denying any kind of independent oversight of the law or how it is carried out.

As expected, the sweeping legislation is ambiguous enough on the 'foreign interference' angle that it leaves Beijing as the ultimate interpreter in terms of the law's application.

The law does get specific in some instances, with “destroying a vehicle” cited as possible terrorist activity.

The law also requires Hong Kong's police to establish a national security division, and states that it may hire “specialists and technicians from outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” – meaning mainland China.

Ultimately, it's clearly a huge blow to Hong Kong independence activists:  Imagine turning Hong Kong into a state of chaos for a full year and destroying everything in the belief you could force “five demands” on the government and then this is what you end up with in the end.

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