FAST FIVE: If History Is Any Guide We Could See $4,000 Gold

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If History Is Any Guide We Could See $4,000 Gold Tyler Durden Tue, 06/30/2020 – 14:20 Via, If history is any guide, we could be heading toward $4,000 gold.

Holmes recently appeared on Kitco News and showed how the price of gold has historically correlated with the expansion of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet.

They're doing everything to maintain interest rates, not just corporately, but also from the government, low and negative so they can get this economic engine turning.

And I think bad news ends up being good news when you look at the world of gold because the government is going to continue to print money.” Peter Schiff has been warning we're on the verge of a dollar crisis, recently saying, “There is nothing to stop the dollar from collapsing.” Holmes agrees with Peter.

Holmes also said he sees price inflation in our future.

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