FAST FIVE: "This Is Not Just Accidental": How One Coronavirus Mutation Helped The Virus Conquer The Globe

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At this point, scientists around the world have examined hundreds of thousands of viral samples from around the world.

They've compared and contrasted their genetic code, and they've identified what appears to be an important pattern.

But in experiments based on a gene sequence taken from an early case of the virus in Wuhan, he struggled to get that form of the virus to infect cells.

“Understanding how transmissions are happening won't be a magic bullet, but it will help us respond better,” Sabeti said.

There may be other explanations for the G variant's dominance in the global pandemic: perhaps biases in where genetic data are being collected has led it to be overrepresented in samples, or quirks that led the “G” variant to dominate in particularly susceptible populations.

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