FAST FIVE: Richest Liberal Arts School In US Slashes Tuition By 15%, Cancels Athletics Program

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For the 2020-2021 academic year, Tuition, room and board will set back rich parents and lending institutions $63,200.

Of note, four years at the university will set one back more than the average mortgage balance carried by millennials.

“This reduction recognizes the fact that the pandemic and associated challenges are requiring us to cancel winter study as well as fall athletics competition and many student activities, among other opportunities that we usually encourage families to expect as part of their student's education,” said school President Maud Mandel.

Students at dozens of schools have already balked at the full price for last semester's tuition with months of online classes, suing for billions of dollars in refunds.

-Bloomberg “In higher education, we're trained to believe that expensive is good,” says Seton Hall University associate professor Robert Kelchen.

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