FAST FIVE: China Furious After Twitter Retroactively Tags Tweets From Top Officials

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Among the reasons Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg cited for why social media companies shouldn't strive to be “arbiters of truth” is the Sisyphean task of filtering, screening and analyzing an endless stream of information.

Given the massive user bases of these companies, consistency would be nearly impossible, opening the door to yet more accusations of bias.

Perhaps that's why Twitter has spent the last day or so retroactively tagging tweets from certain officials with the Chinese government that also contain “misinformation” – some of it claiming that the coronavirus originated in the US. – Steve Herman (@W7VOA) May 28, 2020 Mouthpieces for Beijing, and for practically every government, even Venezuela and Iran (two countries that have drawn scrutiny from Twitter in the form of mass account-deletion) are active on Twitter.

A top Taiwanese official said  prosperity and stability cannot be easily disrupted by separatist forces, rebutting Beijing's accusations of “terrorism”.

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