FAST FIVE: More Than 100,000 Americans Have Succumbed To COVID-19: Live Updates

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Now, nearby Montenegro has declared the country “coronavirus-free”. – Norbert Elekes (@NorbertElekes) May 26, 2020 An editor at Insider tweeted that the suspiciously low number of deaths reported yesterday might have been the result of “underreporting” related to holiday weekends in the US, UK and Brazil.

The CDC also estimated the rate of “asymptomatic” infection (patients who showed few or no symptoms) at 35%.

As the WHO warns that the world remains mired in the 'first wave' of the outbreak, the AP reported Tuesday that states are scrambling to spend billions of dollars on PPE and medical supplies to replenish depleted stockpiles.

As the UK plods through an extremely gradual reopening, Johnson revealed on Tuesday that HMG plans to allow car showrooms and outdoor markets to reopen on June 1, while allowing all non-essential retail to open from June 15.

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