FAST FIVE: "I'm Looking For The Truth!" – Experts Slam States For 'Misrepresenting' COVID-19 Data As Outbreak Recedes

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But Frieden – one of many officials who proclaimed that the White House was deliberately trying to suppress projections calling for 3k deaths per day by June 1 – has moved on to highlighting examples of disingenuous data reporting by the states.

But Frieden just can't help himself, apparently, as NBC News reports.

“This helps to set realistic expectations on how the pandemic will affect people's lives and to inform required changes in behavior to prevent the spread of the virus,” he added.

States have unsurprisingly done an abysmal job sharing data on deaths and cases in nursing homes, where roughly half of the patients who died of the virus lived.

The virus has hit nursing homes exceptionally hard – a result of both their residents' vulnerability and policies states and localities have put into place.

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