FAST FIVE: Furious Trump Threatens Twitter For "Interfering In The 2020 Presidential Election" After "Misinformation" Fact-Check

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For the first time, Twitter has tagged tweets by President Trump as “misinformation”, and appended a link where readers can “get the facts” below the tweet's primary text.

To be sure, there have been isolated incidences of voter fraud in recent years that have given some experts reason for concern – though these have been completely ignored, as they don't fit the narrative that the crime is “totally nonexistent” But instead of allowing readers to reason this out for themselves (something that shouldn't be all that difficult given the thousands of replies calling Trump a racist liar), Twitter is stepping in to play the role of arbiter of truth.

Though notably those tweets haven't been touched.

And on issues of science, upon which science will twitter rely.

Though the company hasn't said much, we suspect this won't be an isolated incident.

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