FAST FIVE: "The US Is Bluffing": China Claims Trump Too "Weakened" By Pandemic To Intervene In Hong Kong

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“The US Is Bluffing”: China Claims Trump Too “Weakened” By Pandemic To Intervene In Hong Kong Tyler Durden Mon, 05/25/2020 – 18:29 In his overnight market commentary, Rabobank's Michael Every laid out an interesting hypothesis why markets continue to fade the risk of a serious escalation in tensions between the US and China: “within serious HK money circles there is absolute certainty that the US is now an EU-style paper tiger and has no stomach for a real fight, and that Trump is so beholden to Wall Street that he won't dare act.” And while Every himself disagrees with this sanguine assessment, saying this stance “captures the self-confidence in Beijing but utterly fails to capture the bipartisan anger in DC, or the fact that both sides are using Beijing as a stick to beat each other with in the 2020 presidential election, or that the US has financial weapons as fearsome as its military, or that the Fed is there to prop up the stock market anyway”, he appears to have a point regarding China's “self-confidence.” In an editorial published in China's Global Times, the authors claim that Trump is indeed nothing but a paper tiger and that “US talk of Hong Kong a nothingburger” in response to Beijing's formulation of a national security law.

Isn't national security the top priority for each and every country.

If the US changes its policy toward Hong Kong, that will result in a lose-lose situation.

The White House claimed it would impose sanctions on China, but the tools and resources at its disposal are fewer than those it could mobilize before the outbreak.

Taking sides based on values at a disproportionate economic cost is not supposed to be the logic of international relations in the 21st century.

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