FAST FIVE: Employee Health Screening Apps Are Coming – Proceed With Caution

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Behemoth corporations are now lining up to create such apps.  Google, Apple, Microsoft and UnitedHealth are all working on projects to gather up as much as possible about your employees' health and report some of that data back to you.  And while none of these companies have discussed going quite this far, Natalie Kofler & Françoise Baylis writing at Nature asked us to:   Imagine a world where your ability to get a job, housing or a loan depends on passing a blood test.

Lack of immunity dictated whom people could marry, where they could work, and, for those forced into slavery, how much they were worth.

Kofler and Baylis went on to list ten reasons they think immunity passports are a bad idea.  And while they are looking at a different legal and moral question (government immunity passports vs.

In particular, with respect to due process, public employers likely must ensure that there is a post-determination appeal process for anyone who has been denied access to the workplace as a result of being identified as COVID-19 positive or at risk based on his/her geolocation contacts.

Voluntary employee participation programs may be more defensible from a privacy law perspective, but will require widespread adoption for public health effectiveness.

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