FAST FIVE: Clinton-Appointed Judge Lets Florida Felons Vote, Could Add 'Hundreds Of Thousands' To November Rolls

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But the conditions must pass constitutional scrutiny.” “Whatever might be said of a rationally constructed system, this one falls short in substantial respects,” he added.

President Donald Trump, who narrowly won the state four years ago, has made winning Florida a key part of his reelection strategy.

One study done by Daniel Smith, a University of Florida political professor, found that nearly 775,000 people with felony convictions have some sort of outstanding legal financial obligation.

“[T]axation without representation led a group of patriots to throw lots of tea into a harbor when there were barely united colonies, let alone a United States,” wrote Hinkle.

The ruling was immediately applauded by the long-line of groups that were part of the legal challenge, which spanned three different lawsuits.

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