FAST FIVE: Iranian Tankers To Reach Venezuela In Next 24 Hours Amid "Threat Of Imminent Military Force By US"

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Maduro officials have issued an emergency notice to the United Nations of an illegal “threat of imminent use of military force by the United States.” And with Washington threatening to block what it deems “sanctions-busting” by two “rogue states” – both under severe sanctions – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has issued his own last minute warning.  Today we alerted the UN Security Council and Secretary General Antonio Guterres of the threat of imminent use of military force by the United States against Iranian vessels carrying Venezuelan-directed gasoline.

The Iranian oil tanker Clavel headed through the Strait of Gibraltar earlier this month, via AP.

From our understanding, she will then be escorted by the Venezuelan navy to shore.

Pompeo even threw China in the mix in statements made Tuesday.

Sparks could could fly in a new 'tanker wars' conflict, akin to last summer's Persian Gulf and Mediterranean tit-for-tat tense exchanges, but this time in America's 'backyard' of the Caribbean and Latin American coastline.

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