FAST FIVE: Wray's Review Of FBI's Flynn Probe "Is The Fox Guarding The Hen House"

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It's Wray's FBI that continues to battle all the Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the investigation into Flynn, along with any requests that would expose  information on the Russia hoax investigation.

The recent documented discoveries by the Department of Justice make it all the more imperative that an outside review of the FBI's handling of Flynn's case is required.

“Sadly Director Wray has shown little interest in getting to the bottom of what actually happened with the Flynn case.

If he doesn't maybe it's time for him to go.” Powell argued that Flynn had pleaded guilty because his former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, along with his prosecutors, threatened to target his son.

Sullivan has failed to grant the DOJ's request to dismiss the case and because of that Powell has filed a writ of mandamus to the US D.C.

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