FAST FIVE: "We've Never Seen Numbers Like This" – Trauma Doc Sees Post-Lockdown Suicide Wave Starting

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“We've Never Seen Numbers Like This” – Trauma Doc Sees Post-Lockdown Suicide Wave Starting Tyler Durden Fri, 05/22/2020 – 21:25 We suggested, at the beginning of April, that a “suicide wave” was imminent considering the economic devastation sparked by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Mike deBoisblanc, told ABC7 that mental health has become a major problem during the shelter-in-place order.    Dr.

“I mean we've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.” Kacey Hansen, a trauma nurse at the hospital for over three decades, said the volume of suicide attempts has dramatically increased during the lockdowns, noting the pandemic has stretched resources, which means there are fewer tools to save as many patients as usual.

Thank you.” In addition to the +90,000 and counting virus-related deaths, Well Being Trust recently outlined how 75,000 people could die of drug or alcohol misuse and or suicide during the pandemic.  President Trump warned in March that nationwide lockdowns must be reversed to prevent “tremendous death” from the economic depression, referring to the likely increase of suicides.  “People get tremendous anxiety and depression and you have suicide over things like this, when you have a terrible economy, you have death,” President Trump said.

If the economy continues to be shuttered through April and or even May, then the depression will deepen, and suicides will increase.

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