FAST FIVE: The Collapse Will Be Very Visible: "For Lease" And "Space Available" Signs Are Going Up All Across America

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At the end of April, it disclosed it had missed a large amount of lease payments on its rental cars.

For instance, Ford just shut down two major production facilities just a few days after “reopening” them- Just days after reopening its American assembly plants, Ford temporarily shut down two separate factories because employees tested positive for Covid-19.

One plant in Chicago that builds the Ford Explorer, the Lincoln Aviator and the Ford Interceptor police car stopped operations Tuesday afternoon after two employees tested positive for Covid-19.

Of course it certainly doesn't help that we continue to allow people from other countries where COVID-19 is raging to fly into the US without any special screening whatsoever- A glamorous Russian blogger says she has proved that the US is open for foreign tourism again, despite the pandemic, according to video obtained by

And fear of this virus will paralyze our economy for the foreseeable future.

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