FAST FIVE: Bodybuilder Shares Shocking "Before And After" Photos After Nearly Dying Of COVID-19

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But that didn't stop him from contracting a particularly virulent infection, leading him to be hospitalized in mid-March, then moved to another hospital, where he was intubated for nearly five weeks.

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, have pre-existing conditions or not.

“I thought I was young enough for it not to affect me, and I know a lot of people think that.” Schultz flew to Boston to visit his boyfriend Josh Hebblethwaite on March 14, just one week after the two had traveled to Miami for a music festival where dozens of others were diagnosed with the virus.

Still, despite his miraculous story, Schultz said he and his boyfriend have received a torrent of online harassment from 'stay at home, save lives' diehards who have mocked him and claimed he “deserved” to get sick for attending the music festival in Fla.

We suspect this is part of a campaign to scare young, healthy people into staying indoors for fear of the virus.

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