FAST FIVE: All 50 States Reopen For Business As Global COVID-19 Outbreak Nears 5 Million Milestone: Live Updates

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Though the definition of what constitutes an official “reopening” is somewhat squishy, CNBC has decided to declare Wednesday “the first day that all states have reopened for business” as Connecticut and Massachusetts, two of the last states to start rolling back emergency measures, have allowed salons and some other non-essential businesses to reopen.

Here's more on the history of chloroquine via Epoch Times: Hydroxychloroquine and the closely related chloroquine have been used for decades to treat malaria, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

In March, the FDA authorized the off-label use of such anti-malarial drugs for patients hospitalized with COVID-19, and said patients and their doctors should make such decisions.

The cost of the drugs per patient, he said, was about $20.

So far 25,700 suspected patients have been tested.

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