FAST FIVE: The Economic Depression Of 2020: Many Of The Restaurants, Bars, & Retailers That Have Closed Will Never Re-Open

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We shall have to wait and see if that actually happens.

But meanwhile, fear of the coronavirus is absolutely devastating the economy.  According to the National Restaurant Association, our restaurant industry has lost 25 billion dollars in sales so far this month- The US restaurant industry has lost $25 billion in sales since March 1, according to a survey of 5,000 owners by the National Restaurant Association.

Forty-four percent of operators have temporarily closed their restaurants, and 11% anticipate they will permanently close within 30 days.

Across the Atlantic, citizens of the United Kingdom are being warned that life may not get back to normal “for six months or even longer”- Britons should not expect to get back to 'normal life' for six months or even longer, the government's deputy chief medical officer warned today.

Would they really try to keep people inside for that long.

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