FAST FIVE: Deaths In France, US Surpass China As COVID-19 Kills 40K, Bay Area Extends Lockdown Until May 3: Live Updates

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reports new batch of cases NYC reports first minor died from COVID-19 Dr.

That apex is expected to occur sooner in New York, the hardest-hit US state with 75,795 confirmed cases and 1,550 deaths so far, per WSJ.

The death toll stood at 3,170 as of 11 am ET according to the Washington Post.

As of as of Monday, there were 1,541 asymptomatic carriers under medical observation on mainland China, including 205 imported cases, officials told SCMP.

Also, a troubling caveat: After announcing yesterday plans to build some 50k ventilators in 100 days, Ford and GE, which will be working on a product model by Airon Corp., added that the 100-day clock won't start until April 20, and it's likely that most of the ventilators won't be ready until after the US surge, if one still happens.

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