FAST FIVE: Billionaire David Geffen Incites Social Media Riot After Posting Photos "Quarantined" On His $590 Million Superyacht

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That's the lesson someone should have told DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen, who pissed off the world when he posted photos of his “quarantine” on his superyacht on Instagram last week.

This is just shameful and grotesque.” New Yorker writer Lauren Collins tweeted out Geffen's photo with one word: “psychopath”.

psychopath – Lauren Collins (@laurenzcollins) March 28, 2020 Film producer Robby Starbuck asked: “Is anyone shocked that Democrat donor David Geffen posted such an out of touch photo.

He might as well have take a picture flipping everyone in America off.” Starbuck continued: “David Geffen's thought process: 'Hey you know what, millions are losing their jobs, can't pay their rent and they're worried about a deadly pandemic, I bet they'd love to know how I'm doing.

With forward thinking and impeccable timing like that we're surprised Geffen isn't working at a portfolio manager at one of Wall Street's “forward looking” long only funds.  Tyler Durden Mon, 03/30/2020 – 15:05.

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