FAST FIVE: Tax-Dodging Cruise Industry Begs For Taxpayer Bailout Amid Collapse In Revenue

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Carnival, the largest cruise company in terms of market share, is incorporated in Panama according to Panama's registry and the other two major companies in the industry employ similar tactics.

Norwegian is incorporated in Bermuda, and Royal Caribbean has been incorporated in Liberia since 1985.

admin official says bipartisan Senate grp working to ensure they can access one of the facilities–or else will seek a legislative fix in the next package.

Why should we bail them out? – Sheldon Whitehouse (@SenWhitehouse) March 17, 2020 Twitter user @orthereaboot predicted this weeks ago.

– luis carruthers (@orthereaboot) March 26, 2020 Should we bail out the floating petri dish industry using US taxpayer dollars.

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