FAST FIVE: Dual Paths In Dark Times: Despair Or Hope For Antiwar Dreamers

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Like the classic visions of late-Old Testament prophets, contemporary observers – perhaps voyeurs – of US national security policy can, at this precipice of pandemic, discern, however vaguely, as dual, dichotomous prospective paths unfurl.

That's right: Mr Pompeo sought to attack a sovereign state the congress has not declared war upon, which is riddled with Corona, and has already had its public health response crippled by brutal US economic sanctions.

Recent events and administration pronouncements indicate that to be the Trump team's opportunistic inclination.

Still, reasons remain to not slip into apathy or despair.

Such penalties on Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and others, they astutely asserted, have the effect of “feeding the coronavirus epidemic,” and that the prevailing “policy is unconscionable and flagrantly against international law.” Whether such arguments will ultimately prevail remains uncertain, but this is nevertheless a powerful, persuasive line of reasoning.

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