FAST FIVE: At US Epicenter: NY Parks Bustle, Subway Packed, Social Distancing Defied & Flaunted

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This video, taken YESTERDAY, shows passengers in an overcrowded train with little evidence of social distancing – ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) March 25, 2020 Case in point: the New York subway has proudly never completely shut down in the over century of its existence, though it's this week reduced service as rising numbers of MTA employees catch Covid-19, but maybe it's time for drastic action given the above scene.

New York City is now the center of the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, but @Gothamist reports that it hasn't stopped people from crowding city parks, even right outside the mayor's home.

More crowded than any street I've been to,” Gothamist photographer Scott Lynch said in a Wednesday report.

“Even taking into account couples and families, who naturally are going to bunch together, the six-feet rule was flaunted left and right,” he added of still bustling scenes in the city's public spaces.

Brooklyn's McCarren Park is bustling even as the state goes “on pause” over coronavirus.

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