FAST FIVE: Another Grim Milestone: More Than 500K COVID-19 Cases Diagnosed Worldwide: Live Updates

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Columbia University will let medical students graduate early so they can help with the coronavirus response efforts in New York, university officials told ABC News.

Here's a breakdown by region, courtesy of Corriere della Sera, a popular Italian daily newspaper: Finally, some good news: The number of Italians who have recovered passed 10,000 on Thursday (totale guariti).

Of course, like Russia and most other major countries at this point, India has also banned international flights.

Our story: – Joey Flechas (@joeflech) March 26, 2020 The situation in NYC is growing increasingly dire, while Louisiana also experiences a sudden surge in cases, as the NYT pointed out.

The sprawling compound, which is home to some clergy custodians, is shared by six Christian denominations: The Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Armenian Orthodox churches are the primary custodians, while the Syrian, Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox churches have lesser responsibilities.

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