FAST FIVE: The Grasshoppers Are Swarming Mad That You Are Prepared For The Crash

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It shows that these people are hyperfocused on the virus alone, they actually believe the rumors that the virus will be gone as spring floats in and they are completely oblivious to the economic collapse that is happening while the pandemic is developing.

With the US about two weeks behind Europe, the pandemic is only getting started here.  The spike in confirmed cases is due to massive increase in testing, but the deaths will accelerate as the infection settles in and takes its toll over the course of the next month.  I see little chance that the contagion will burn out in April.  But if the elites want to reassert the “need for lockdowns”, they might lift them for a time, only to create a resurgence of new cases and then bring back restrictions with even more force than before.

This is how all major crisis events tend to be handled by governments in history – the populace is told that the danger will pass in weeks and to hunker down until then.  After a couple of weeks, the government announces again that we are almost there, just a couple more weeks.  In the meantime, martial law-like measures and assets are being moved into place incrementally, because the authorities never intended to lift restrictions at all.  Governments seek to keep people passive until they are positioned to more effectively control them.  Once they are, the mask comes off and all the empty reassurances disappear.

The grasshoppers do not care about any of this, though.

Learn how to plant and farm quick, because you are not going to get anything from us for free, and trying will only start a war.

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