FAST FIVE: Six States Declare Marijuana Dispensaries "Essential Businesses", Exempting Them From Lockdown

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Six States Declare Marijuana Dispensaries “Essential Businesses”, Exempting Them From Lockdown Nothing says we're coming together and collectively fighting a respiratory disease quite like keeping dispensaries open so people can smoke.

More than six states over the past week have agreed that pot shops and medical marijuana dispensaries could stay open, according to the NY Times.  It's official recognition for how important marijuana has become for some.

She said women and young people accounted for the push in sales growth.

States like New York have decided that liquor stores could stay open and Alabama even issued an order allowing curbside sales of alcoholic beverages at licensed stores.  California, Colorado, Washington and Pennsylvania have all seen marijuana sales “soar” over the last week.  #SanFrancisco goes on lockdown tonight.

Nevada has allowed its dispensaries to operate as long as they don't allow crowds to form.

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