FAST FIVE: Are We Living Through "12 Monkeys"?

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Watch below: As we watched we were reminded of an article written in 2018 by Abraham Riesman  who noted (at the time) that '12 Monkeys' was the apocalypse movie we need right now.

He's been deemed crazy for his ravings about how he's been sent from the year 2035, where a scant remainder of humanity lives in squalid underground tunnels after having been driven from the surface by a viral pandemic.

Throughout the story, we know – sometimes even better than he does – the worldwide doom that awaits.

Though there are moments in the movie in which it seems as though fate might be altered, the conclusion of this deeply pessimistic masterwork (spoiler alert) makes it clear that Cole is right: humanity falls, right on schedule.

There will be some kind of future, however difficult it may be to live in.

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