FAST FIVE: US Debt-To-GDP Will Hit New All-Time High In 2020

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1- The Coronavirus ain't no black plague or Spanish-flu.  Those were true killers that wiped out young and old without regard for the strength or age of the afflicted.  In fact, Spanish-flu was attracted to the young adults above all else.

while Intragovermental funds turn to a net seller.

Finally, putting the debt into personal terms against America's future.  While this population is not yet old enough to vote, they are sure to feel the full impact of the debt.  Of course, over the course of their lives, they can never repay the debt nor can they even honestly service the interest payments.  Instead they continue to see Federal Reserve policies rewarding the banks, large institutions, the asset holders, and the elderly.  But this is only federal debt…if we added the soaring unfunded liabilities, you can likely quintuple those per-capita dollar amounts.

And just one more means to gauge the growth of federal debt against the future, annual US births.  Of course this includes all births regardless the parents legal or illegal status.

Post-Coronavirus, the situation will be 2x or 5x or 10x worse.  Global depression is imminent and will continue for an indefinite period as depopulation, deleveraging, and decline are the natural state of things.  Cast off the lifeboats…the Titanic is going down and we'll be in small boats on very rough seas from here on.  This was going to happen eventually, Coronavirus has just accelerated the timeline.

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