FAST FIVE: WHO Chief Warns "Window Of Opportunity Is Narrowing" As Coronavirus Spreads To Lebanon, Iran; 16 New Cases Confirmed In Northern Italy

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Well, now China is planning to build another 19 makeshift hospitals to quarantine more infected patients in Wuhan.

Health experts and local officials (probably all the way up to PM Shinzo Abe) have been fretting about the possibility of an outbreak in Japan, especially with the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

Earlier this week, Israel's government announced a temporary travel ban on all foreign nationals who had traveled to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao during the past 2 weeks.

Just a few hours ago, Chinese state media reported that 500 cases – roughly half of the new cases reported in China on Friday – involved prisoners at a handful of jails across the country, according to the Washington Post.

Right now, infectious disease experts see Japan as one of the riskiest places outside China, according to BBG.

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