FAST FIVE: Bill Gates Warns "10 Million Lives" At Risk As Virus Spreads To Africa And Taiwan Reports First Death

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So I guess when she passed through or even through Ngwenya border post, she didn't have the symptoms.” Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador to South Africa warned South African nationals in China to not return for fear the virus could spread.  The African continent does not need another crisis, already battling locust plagues and food shortages.  But still the close economic ties between China and Africa are difficult to ignore.

As we detailed previously, Ethiopia's Bole International airport is the leading African gateway to and from China. On average, 1500 passengers per day arrive from China.

The question of why no infections have been reported in Africa was raised via twitter by Jim Bianco, of Bianco Research, earlier this month: “did anyone on the continent actually get a testing kits to look for infected people?” he asked.

In China, it is now mandatory to wear facial masks in public areas in many cities.

It was noted by Japanese authorities that anyone testing positive for the virus would not be able to leave.

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