FAST FIVE: China Underreporting Virus Cases By Over 100,000 Claims White House Source, As 15th American Falls Sick

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How contagious is the deadly #coronavirus.

Here's a video report published on NHK's site (please excuse the excess text): Notably, the woman's death had nothing to do with the 'Diamond Princess' – the cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama.

* * * Update (0650ET): After last night's 'undercounting' bombshell on the mainland, investors really needed to see some reassuring headlines about the coronavirus outbreak to push equity markets back into the green.

Essentially, we predicted that President Xi was cranking up the Party's scapegoating machine and getting ready to blame the undercounting of coronavirus cases and deaths on local officials.

Several stirred up anger by appearing in public without masks, or with their masks worn incorrectly.

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