FAST FIVE: "Not Terribly Encouraging": Mitt Romney Hints He Might Oppose Fed Nominee Judy Shelton In Latest Attack On Trump

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Whatever the reason, the freshman senator from Utah is reportedly 'undecided' on whether he'll back one of Trump's two latest nominees for the two empty seats on the board of governors.

Calls her record, which includes calling for return to gold standard, “not terribly encouraging” – Erik Wasson (@elwasson) February 11, 2020 Judy Shelton, known for her opposition to the Fed and support for the gold standard, has repeatedly spoken out against the Fed's loose monetary policy.

What began as an emergency decision in the wake of the financial crisis to pay interest to commercial banks on excess reserves has become the Fed's main mechanism for conducting monetary policy.

Jim Rickards and others said at the time that the end of Moore's nomination would open the door for a Shelton nomination.

Every time Romney tries to screw Trump by siding with Democrats on legislation, voting to impeach, or stymieing his nominees, just remember this photo from Romney's dinner with Trump when he was supposedly under consideration for Secretary of State.

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