FAST FIVE: Are There Really 10,000 Diagnosed Covid-19 Cases In Wuhan That Aren't Being Counted?

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It was an unusually public effort that quickly found support among public health experts and the government as China grapples with one of the deadliest epidemics in its recent history.

“The purpose is to isolate and treat quickly,” Dr.

Zhang said in a telephone interview.

“It amounts to extraordinary measures taken in extraordinary times.” To fix the issue, Chinese health officials are trying to increase the supply of nucleic acid coronavirus tests, which they believe to be more reliable than swap tests, which often don't go deep enough into a patient's chest to find evidence of the virus.

As Worthing hospital posted signs calling for patients to immediately report any mysterious flu-like symptoms, the seventh Brighton and Hove schools issued warnings to parents about the coronavirus outbreak on the south coast, prompting some to keep their children home.

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